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The kindergarten program:

  • Gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them.

  • Provides children with classroom materials designed to strengthen fine-motor, language, math, science, geography, music, art and social skills.

  • Encourages independence.

  • Nourishes each child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

  • Helps children develop respect and acceptance of self and others.

  • Nurtures students’ imagination and sense of wonder that is the source of creativity and innovation.

  • Develops further skills by applying what the learning environment cultivated.

  • Teaches writing and language skills through language experience, picture charts, storytelling, group stories, weekly readers, making books, writing poems and cooking.

  • Integrates math using Montessori manipulatives.

  • Provides access to Harmony’s fun summer program complete with swimming at Trenholm Park, weekly field trips, art projects and more.


All kindergarten activities develop organizational skills, independence, concentration and focus, and group problem-solving.

Each Friday, the kindergarten students take a field trip to enjoyable places such as the library, State Museum, Columbia Museum of Art, Riverbanks Zoo, or a community-minded trip to plant flowers at a Habitat for Humanity home, senior citizen facility or to aid a local non-profit.

At the end of the school year, kindergarten students can participate in student favorite: an overnight camping trip to the mountains or coast.

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