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Enthusiastic learning takes place when areas of study are relevant to children. Harmony School presents information in meaningful and useful ways to our students.

Our curriculum is child-centered, multi-age teaching designed to work harmoniously with each child’s natural cognitive development. Our multi-year learning program begins with early preschool exploration. With each year of additional instruction, students strengthen budding skills and develop new paths of learning. The multi-year curriculum provides the greatest benefit to families who commit to the learning environment for three years.

We frequently read to students and encourage reading in older students. The students learn to write by creating their own poems and stories.

Math and science are taught by using many different kinds of multi-sensory, hands-on materials, which are integrated throughout our program.

Art is an everyday activity for free expression. We teach other real-life concepts through building, cooking, gardening, and playing.

Learn more about our preschool, kindergarten and elementary educational programs and classrooms.


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